2020 The Year Of Humongous Learning under the Mentorship of World Record Holder Mr.Vimal Daga

Hello, I am Siva Naik

I want to share my journey from a typical undergraduate student to a student who thinks like a creator. I want to share how a student can learn anything with Right Education from a RightMentor.

Vimal Daga


Started the year 2020 with lots of joy and I finished the first Semester of my Bachelors's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Learned some basic programming in C and Some Information Technology stuff. Actually, those are not a big deal to learn. The second Semester announced and the subjects are out and I am going to learn some DataStuctures and programming in C++ and Life becomes routine to learn from books. I am thirsty to learn new technologies and I am a student eagerly waiting to learn from a community of Learners. I love to do a random search on google to know about anything. I searched for any learning communities. Hardly, I didn’t found which I can join.

I first came to know about Indian Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community from friend Nadeem and he told me that Mr. Vimal Daga Sir is going to start the training of RHCSA8 and Python. I heard the word RHCSA8 the first time 😅. Joined My first Live Instructor Course even I don’t know my Instructor


I joined my first class and Sir started the class in a way that I started thinking in a different approach. That was a basic class of programming but I came to know that it is possible to think like this. Sir asked a question “How we know the value is assigned to a variable when we declare like x = 5. Did you actually see that ?” I used to believe in the book earlier without any proof, It was completely changed from my first day of training. I learned many concepts of Programming and Linux in the Right Approach. Learned Right Education is the most important than just learning random from books without proof. One day Vimal Daga sir announced that he is going to deliver the training of the tool with which we can launch complete OS in 1 Second


IIEC Community Started another training of Expertise in Docker. I heard the word, Docker, first. I joined the course with an interest to launch the OS in 1 second. That was the first DevOps tool I heard of. I learned about Docker to the Expertise level from the very beginning and I learned some networking concepts with Docker.

Came Home from College I taught I can’t learn much from home but, I came to know that I can, after months

The IIEC Community Organised a great workshop “Build Artificial Intelligence Enabled Machine to help fight against any pandemic or any disaster”. That workshop is mentored by Mr. Vimal Daga Sir and I learned many things about Machine Learning and How we can test with X-rays to confirm a person is tested positive or negative to covid 19. Great Announcement about the training of MLOps by Vima Daga Sir in the workshop.


Joined MLOps training by Linux World Informatics India under the mentorship of Mr. Vimal Daga, Sir started the training with the moto that One can learn anything in less time with the Right Approach. Sir proved and completed major concepts of Machine Learning. Started with DevOps tools. Learned Git, GitHub, and Jenkins. Integrated Machine Learning with DevOps tools to automatically create an ML Model by Jenkins triggers and Automatic HyperParametes tunning in ML Model. I learned the consistency to learn. I started to learn a new thing every day. I searched in google about DevOps Tools. There are a lot of tools. Joined DevOps Assembly Lines training parallel with MLOps training.

OpenSource DevOps Tools


Started to learn DevOps Assembly Lines with an aim to know how the companies deliver their software quickly with the DevOps approach. I know Git, GitHub, and Jenkins from MLOps and want to learn some tools. I learned Kubernetes, Maven, and Metrics Monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana. I enjoyed when learning monitoring tools and Grafana supports great visuals and they are good to see. Kubernetes is to orchestrate or to manage containers in a huge infrastructure. Solving the challenging tasks given in training is super awesome


After metrics Monitoring tools, I learned Log Monitoring tools, ELK Stack - Elastic Search, Logstash, and the Kibana. Created Data Pipeline with ELK Stack. I didn’t feel any difficulty understanding these tools. There is a myth about advanced concepts and tools as harder learn. but Sir proved that is wrong. When teaching these advanced tools. I didn't felt any difficulties understanding. Integrated all the tools I learned in DevOps Assembly Lines and create a pipeline of all of these tools and automated everything from developer to production and automated testing with unit testing.

Learned to do Self Reflection and It will help one to grow day by day. We at Linux World Used to do Self Reflection every day and share what we learn on social media platforms like LinkedIn and that helped to connect with people who are working professionals.


It’s time to power the infrastructure and the tools I learned with cloud computing. Joined Hybrid Multi-Cloud Computing by Linux World . Learned Amazon Web Services. Learned to provision the AWS resources with Terraform. Learned the private cloud platform OpenStack. As Technical Guys, we can’t solve custom use cases with any Public cloud ad They abstract the things how cloud actually works. Vimal Daga Sir proved every statement he spoke when he taught the AWS with OpenStack cloud. Learned OpenStack to that level I can solve some special use cases. Learned to provision resources on OpenStack cloud with Terraform. Learned Kubernetes which is the Platform As A Service and provisioned resources with Terraform. Leaned Elastic Kubernetes As A Service which is the managed Kubernetes as a service from AWS in a Workshop by Linux World

Created Hybrid setup of Platform As A Service and Infrastructure As A Service with Kubernetes on top of Multiple Cloud Platform [ Public Cloud and Private Cloud ]


The Month of Frontend and Startup, I learned The Flutter, Building Native Applications with a single code base of Dart. Integrated Flutter with Docker. Integrated Flutter with Google FireBase and learned to create a Chat Application. Learned to create a Terminal Application to run Linux commands with the help of API. Created API to use with Flutter Application to run commands. Learned Automation tool Ansible the powerful tool in DevOps Field. Configured multiple Infrastructures to setup Kubernetes Cluster with Ansible. Attended Great Workshop on Google Cloud Platform by Linux World and Learned major services of GCP. Learned more than what we used to learn from a normal Workshop.

Learned how to do Market Research about an Idea and learned how to present a startup Idea effectively from Preeti Chandak Ma’am. Worked on a startup Idea and had multiple Brain Storming Sessions about the Idea and It was a really great Experience listening to all the ideas from my friends who are learning Flutter with me. This is the major step to learn to think like a creator and validate the Idea we have with us.


Joined the Specialist in Python training from Indian Innovation and Entrepreneurship community. Learned to create an API with CGI. Learned about NumPy and Pandas in detail.

Heard the Great Talk from Mr. Vimal Daga Sir about ARTH - The School of Technologies. The most awaited Announcement about ARTH.

ARTH — The School of Technologies is an 8 to 10 months technical learning program.

On September 14, The Life-Changing Technical Journey Started. I learn Hadoop to solve the BigData Challenge. Learned Internals about Hadoop and capture network packets with tcpdump to prove the theory about Hadoop. Started with the AWS CSA track. I was grown from taking help to help someone. I selected as a Technical Volunteer to help my friends


Implemented some Data Structures and Algorithms on Hadoop. I know Data Structures Previous but I did a dedicative course but don’t know where to use implement the Data Structures to solve some use cases. DSA is an approach to solve a particular problem. Learned multiple things like Hadoop, DSA, and Docker in Parallel. I learned a different approach to learning the DSA with Python Notebook Magic Functions

The month of OpenSourc — Hactoberfest 😍. Participated in multiple Opensource Events and Learn to contribute to OpenSource. I just didn’t make any PR but I learned to do PR.


Continue to learn Hadoop, DSA, Docker, Machine Learning, Ansible, and AWS CSA on Weekends. Learned to implement some DSA on Hadoop.Configured Hadoop with Ansible

Completed the 30 Days of Google Cloud Platform Challenge and completed Cloud Engineering and Data Science and Machine Learning Tracks. I learned GCP in the Two Days workshop by Linux World, that knowledge is enough to complete these two tracks.


Fourth Month of ARTH — The School of Technologies. Completed multiple tasks related to Hadoop, DSA, Docker, Machine Learning, and AWSCSA. Started with the Data Analytics part from DataScience. Learned a lot about Networking and how packets route to reach the client from server and vise versa. Learned the advanced concepts of Ansible.

Attended Digital Ocean Developer Conference — Deploy. Attended some of the sessions in AWS ReInvent 2020.

Finally, I am on the Last Day of the year 2020. Writing my story to prove that a college student or fresher can do great with the Right Education and Right Mentor like Vimal Daga Sir

Two things highly motivated me to do this Learning seamlessly

  1. Share the things you Learn
  2. Take the Responsibility of Other

I learned these Two should have qualities from Mr. Vimal Daga sir and Mrs. Preeti Chandak Ma’am. I can't do anything just one thing...

Thank you Sir and Ma’am from my bottom of Heart for Making the Best Version of Me, that I am today.

Vimal Daga and Preeti Chandak




Technical Volunteer at ARTH

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Technical Volunteer at ARTH

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